Vascular Genesis

Vascular Genesis® is a medical device company revolutionizing the vascular conduit replacement market with its line of synthetic scaffold products with self-healing capabilities that lower the risk of rejection, infection, and stenosis.


The Company

Vascular Genesis is building a line of cell-free, synthetic scaffold products as the foundation for vascular conduit replacement, eliminating the need for tissue donation, immune suppressants and the ever-present risk of transplant rejection. Our first product offering is a resorbable arteriovenous (AV) graft for dialysis access. The graft will degrade over a scheduled period of time and allow the body to create a new native tissue fistula for continual dialysis access. The graft is designed to match the compliance of the native artery/vein to which it attaches. Its self-healing capabilities will allow it to achieve stasis (stop bleeding) faster than competing products.

The Product: Vascular Genesis AVs

The company's first product, The Vascular Genesis AVs, is a fully resorbable vascular access graft that is replaced by healthy vascular tissue. Addressing the problems experienced with standard vascular grafts.