Who We Are

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ParaGen TECHNOLOGIES™ is the parent of a family of companies focused on diverse clinical areas including wound care, orthopedics, peripheral vascular, and hernia repair. 

ParaGen Technologies aims to redefine tissue engineering by addressing the problems associated with synthetic and biologic implants; while incorporating their advantages. The company is utilizing synthetic nanofiber scaffolds that promote healing by mimicking the physical structures found naturally in the body. ParaGen Technologies is launching medical device companies that tailor this technology to meet the needs of specific clinical verticals.


Our Model


Access to 38 issued and pending patents + exclusive license to the field of use.


Full QMS system compliant. Achieved ISO certification.


Experience developing medical devices and the regulatory process.


Data generated by each company supports the other ParaGen companies.


The Problem

The field of tissue engineering is focused on developing solutions to recreate the biological structures of the body. Generally, the synthetic products currently available do not provide the environment required for the cells of the body to integrate, resulting in rejection. The biologic solutions available typically have problems with degradation, sourcing, and high cost. The scaffolds used by ParaGen Technologies show excellent biointegration, consistency, no rejection or encapsulation, and high function regrowth. 

Our Technology

ParaGen Technologies is utilizing a scaffold composed of nanofibers that replicate the extracellular matrix found naturally in the body. This acts to provide tissue-level structural support to cells, thus encouraging cell adhesion and proliferation. These are the key factors that enable tissue regeneration. ParaGen Technologies is utilizing this technology to develop products for the wound care, orthopedics, vascular, and hernia repair markets.

ParaGen Technologies has launched four medical device companies: RenovoDerm®, Atreon Orthopedics®, Vascular Genesis®, and Tarian Medical®. Click on each of the companies to learn more.

Progress in Regulatory Process

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